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Pet Station, LLC carries a variety of pet products for all types of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, snakes, spiders, hamsters, and fish, as well as live pet food. We are the only pet supply store that delivers. This is a great resource for busy adults and seniors. Call to ask us any questions!
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We Do Grooming!

Licensed grooming available!

Yes, we are now licensed for grooming! Experienced groomers will achieve the look you want. Each dog and cat is provided with a fresh bowl of water and a clean, warm, soft blanket in their crate. Also, dogs will be taken potty a few times and not just left sitting for hours in their crate expecting to wait until you arrive. If you would like you can bring food for them as well.

There is no extra charge for having to drop them off in the morining before you go to work and leaving them in our care until your shift is over. We are happy to care for them in order to make it easier for you to get them groomed during life's busy schedule.

Who We Are

Pet Station, LLC is the closest pet supply store in Bridgeport, Connecticut, offering affordable lines of pet products from leading companies to ensure the health and happiness of all pets. We match competitors' prices to save you gas and money. You also always receive friendly, knowledgeable, one-on-one service, because we really care about and love animals.

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Contact us at (866) 674-3136 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, for convenient delivery of the pet supplies you need.

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Gold Coast Mobile Veterinary Service | Give Pet Food Samples to Local Needy Pets  | Donate to Bridgeport Animal Shelter | Sponsor Pet Adoption in the Future

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